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Here's my brief introductory message:

I've been a healer, clairvoyant, and astrologer for over 35 years.

Each month I make available free horoscopes, and as of this year I'm posting them up on my LiveJournal, so friend me, and you can read them on your Friend's page.

From time to time I also speak about something in a little more depth, or perhaps share something interesting and relevant I've found. You can find that sort of thing at my website under Podcasts, or on my Journal when I copy it over. My discussion on the astrology of 2012 was particularly popular for some reason, so I'm drawing special attention to that.

Part of my motivation behind my venturing into LiveJournal is that people might give me some feedback, and suggest popular topics I might analyze, so please leave comments and criticism - I don't know what to talk about unless you tell me.

Good to be here, and please enjoy my Journal!

weekly journal gems....

1. The last time I felt appreciated was...
On Saturday night when I did a favor for someone who really was very thankful for it.

2. I'm really looking forward to...
Saturday night...my buddy's birthday bash

3. I find it hard to...
say "no"

4. Something that not many people know about me is...
I'm afraid of owls

5. I believe my best physical feature is...
My eyes

6. My life motto is...
I'd rather live 10 years as a tiger than 100 years as a chicken and....be here now

7. I have learnt that...
The power is in the present moment

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Hi guys.

I'm not a Libra (I'm a Virgo, and not on the cusp), so apologies for the intrusion, but I've been trying to rack my brain about a character I'm writing for a story/screenplay. I have a supporting lead character I'm writing, somewhere in her 50s or 60s, and she's a Libra with a Pisces ascendant. I'm trying to figure out my character's motivation, but as I'm not a Libra, I'm having a hard time. I guess this is a roundabout way of asking, especially if you have a Pisces ascendant (but you can answer, even if you don't), how do you handle high-stress situations? What really drives you in life? Ideas, situations, etc. This Libra character I'm writing becomes good friends with a young, high-strung Virgo. There's no romantic relationship or anything, just a strong, woman-to-woman friendship. How do you get along with Virgos? I apologize in advance for the third degree, but we Virgos are more than a little detailed.

I'm pretty good at figuring most people out, except Libras. My dad (on the Virgo cusp), an ex, a childhood best friend, and two other friends of mine are Libras. Also, a good many of my favorite teachers were Librans. In fact, most of these people have changed my life in some shape or form.

...Ok, I'll stop talking now, but I'd appreciate your input!

New Community

I've started a new community called Astrogrouch. It is a daily horoscope from an extremely grumpy perspective. The idea came from a woman I dated who wrote a horoscope column in the newspaper that I noticed was worded considerably sharper when she wasn't drinking coffee while she wrote it. Anyway, I decided to spoof my observations of her column. Please check it out, join, comment, show some love to the astrogrouch.