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For the Libra Ladies

This is the whole part from the Sextrology book I have, I typed it for a friend and It's going to waste, all of this typed for one person! I didn't even think to post it here once I was done and I'm sure a lot of you know what sextrology is, if not look it up on amazon it is an AMAZING book!

But this is JUST for the ladies there is a libra man in the book, but I didn't need to type that lol

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Let me know what ya'll think of it, as far as I'm concerned I'm just about everything described in this! It's 12 pages long btw lol I cut it for ya'll!

Sept 23-Oct 23
The Charm

Libra woman is the zodiac’s activist: The most principled person on the astrological wheel, she can’t separate herself from the aerial convictions. To her, the world requires a redesign, as it lacks the very ideals that she most urgently seeks to project. If she perceives a wrong, she must strive to right I; the realm of human justice is her special domain. She possesses a powerful mind, a finely tuned faculty that is eclipsed only by her especial brand of ethereal beauty. Of all women, Libra is most comely and fair-rarely one ever to be labeled sultry or, even, overtly sexy-but on this score, and many others, Libra’s looks can be deceiving. Prized for her demure charms, she may risk being objectified as ornamentation, classy arm candy used by men for their own validation or as a means of impressing others. Meanwhile, her own agenda in love is to fall in with a true friend and equal, a liberal freethinker who shares her infamous love of the arts and all things aesthetic, as well as her often radical political views and eqalitarian visions. She is unconventional in relationships, amenable to casual sex with a like mind, and leery, n fact, of legal, long-term bonds. When she does commit to a man, she demands total fidelity: Hell hath no fury like the lady Libra scorned. Notoriously attracted to other females, regardless of her sexual identification, she is principally drawn to extreme women-exaggeratedly beautiful supermodel glamazons or megaphone-toting, ax grinding radicals; or, if she has her druthers, a righteous combination of both.

Sign & Mind

The planet Venus rules Libra, just as it does Taurus-only here, in the zodiac’s seventh sign, this celestial sphere is focused on the mental and social (air-sign) plane as opposed to the material (earth-sign) strata of existence. Such that, just as the Taurus female strives for substantially ideal existence, highlighted by her love of beautiful things and concentration of her own appearance, the Libran woman is most concerned with the exquisite ideas-high concepts and philosophical ideals-that she can project into the ethos. Just as Apollo, the god of light and order, is the prime archetype of the Libran male, the astral Venus-Aphrodite herself is the heavenly patroness rightly assigned to Libra woman. The goddess of beauty, grace, and charm whose namesake planet represents the universal principles of union, balance, and harmony, Venus-Aphrodite doesn’t manifest her power literally in the personage of the Libra as she does in the Taurus, who embodies these precepts on a personal, tangible level. Here, in the sign of the Scales, beauty, grace, and charm are elevated to the status of abstract principles. As such, Libra woman sees the world as a system of inherently divine order, a unified environment rules by the cosmic law of cause and effect, wherein justice will, and indeed must, be done. In Libyan mythology it is the goddess Libera (Greek: Astroarche; Roman: Astraea), the Lady of the Scales, who enacts the equalizing effects of karma in the universe. And, anybody intimately acquainted with a Libra woman would readily agree that, when she walks into a room, one can’t help but think: Here comes the judge. Indeed, one would be hard-pressed to pinpoint a more unequivocal individual, one who is ironically narrow minded in even her most liberal ideologies, dogmatic in the expression of her loftiest principles. In her defense Libra’s intentions are typically for the democratic good, at least as she perceives it. Strictly speaking, no matter how tough a form or manner her proclamations take, this sharp-witted daughter of Venus acts out of love, albeit not as personal expression but rather as a universal prescript.

In symbolic terms, it is the Libra woman’s birthright to better the world, just as it is the Libra man’s preoccupation to better himself. Appreciating every situation she’s faced with, and then taking the proper course of action-or making swift and, arguably, appropriate judgments or actions in response-is the way she leads her life. For better or worse, she always drops the other shoe as a way to bring her existence into balance. Amelioration is her modus operandi. The aptly named Amelie in the French film of the same name is a consummate Libran character. Out of love, amour, she makes it her life’s mission to right every perceivable wrong that plagues those suffering in her midst just as she is determined to punish anyone causing such pains. This is the Libra in a nutshell-a walking-talking dispenser of karmic retaliation, whether in the form of reward (grace) or vengeance (fury). The Graces are emanations of the goddess Venus-Aphrodite, their dreadful alter egos being the Furies-both are also considered variations of the Fates. In psychological terms, the Graces and the Furies respectively correspond to charisma (mother charm) and miasma (mother curse). And it is this double-edged power of the scale-toting fates goddess that the Libra woman has archetypally inherited. She is the zodiac’s lofty high priestess, a personage mythically endowed as a sorceress as in the classic figured of Circe (a personification of the karmic circle, a syllable ka aptly being the seventh, magic, sound in ancient Egyptian) and her niece Medea, who is the graceful aspect of the furious Medusa. As myth has it, Medea was a good witch who, when done an injustice, went bad, killing her children in a vivid act of miasma.

The sign of Libra is associated with the ages 42-49, the gamed female prime of life, when a woman’s focus shifts from childbearing to child rearing-bringing up, teaching and preparing offspring for adulthood. Indeed, such an epoch is distinguished by the imparting of knowledge, the instilling of ideals, and the designing of future fates of those under one’s protection. The literary character who has most poignantly immortalized this period of “prime” is Miss Jean Brodie-the name Jean means gracious and merciful, and Brodie is derived from broderie (embroidery), as the charismatic character is, like all Fate goddesses, a weaver of destinies. Throughout her life, Libra woman draws on this prime archetype, forever taking on the role of the freethinking, if not freewheeling, instructor who enlightens and empowers others, indeed casting her charges into such roles as she sees fit. Like Jean Brodie the eternal lady of the Scales passes sweeping judgments, sentencing others to a life lived stamped with her permanent, albeit subjective, labels and instructions. Like a mother observing, and then weighing, the strengths and weaknesses of her growing children, Libra assigns everyone she meets a purpose, particularly those individuals who might be of service to her. Still, she sees others in their best light-so much so that one is often hard-pressed to live up to her expectations. She may sometimes miss the mark, prejudging rashly, over- or under-estimating one’s talents or, one of her most notable flaws, failing to sniff out self-serving hidden agendas. So preoccupied is Libra with grand conceits, putting her beautiful all-seeing notions and ideals “out there” that she can be oblivious to the intricacies of life looming just under her nose.

For this, the sole cardinal-air (active-mental) sign in astrology, knowledge is not only power, but also a force that can, and must, be pointedly directed. As the first sign of the second half of the astrological wheel, kicking off the zodiac’s third Quadrant-that of the metaphysical level of the mind and perception-Libra represents a flip-side reinterpretation of existence as originally put forth by the zodiac’s first sign of Aries, Libra’s lower “octave” and so-called “opposite.” (fucking Aries bastards) The masculine sign of Aries, ruled by macho Mars, is followed by the feminine sign of Taurus, ruled by dainty Venus; masculine Libra is also governed by Venus, just as the following (feminine) sign of Scorpio is coruled by Mars. Long story short: Libra is the zodiac’s Sadie Hawkins whereby Venus, purported to be the passive feminine principle, now becomes the active force of this masculine sign. And just as active-masculine energy can be characterized by the raw, overt, physicality associated with the spear-toting sign of Aries, the active-female energy in Libra is the unseen, spirited power of the mind, personified by the sorceress-priestess wielding her wand. In Taurus, love, grace, beauty, and charm are physical, sensual possessions, passive attributes designed to attract a partner. For Libra female, those nouns become verbs: to love in the sense of appreciating and ameliorating; to grace in the sense of beautifying and honoring, as well as offering grace in the form of forgiveness and mercy, essential component to the overall ideal of justice that the lady of the Scales so vehemently represents. And charm, like grace, can denote a magic all its own, as both may be synonymous with a sort of invocation.

Just as Libran writer-philosopher Florence Scovel Shinn titled her famous treatise on the magic of positive thinking Your Word Is Your Wand, such a mantra seems to be encoded in the psyche of every female born under this sign. Like an ancient sibyl or sorceress, Libra is seemingly enabled, in keeping with the cardinal-air combination of her sign, to take action on the astral plane. Whereas the self-inventive men of the sign use this ability, intrinsically, to make themselves over into a “character” thought-form of their own imagining, the Scales woman is rather blessed with the talent to cast her thoughts, like spells, into the ether with the pointed intention of seeing her designs materialize. In simple terms, Libra possesses such outsized conviction in her infamous ideals that she realizes them into being. In fact, it is a force of which she must take conscious rein, for even her slightest whims have a way of taking root, such is the power of even a suggestion of her will. Indeed, as the astrological purveyor of karmic activity, she proves the old adage “be careful what you wish for.” The zodiac’s little magistrate, she rarely wastes time or brainpower on interests or causes that may never yield her desired effects. She designs her life and is never one to sit idly by and passively go with the flow. (hrm what am I doing now?) And yet, her precise plans are often kept under wraps. Libra seems to always luck into situations-from the outside, she leads a charmed life-but the hard and fast truth is that she’s careful conjurer, a woman who takes great pains to weave her way into opportunities she has had the prescience to approach. She know and let this be a lesson to all of us-that in order to get what you want in life, you must behave as if you already have it. In so doing, she finds that life conspires with her; whatever road to success Libra chooses will invariable rise to meet her. Such is the energy of Venus, working actively on the astral plane: Libra strives to form a perfect union between herself and her desired circumstance, no matter how lofty, by psyching herself into being equal to it. It takes tremendous mental effort, but by sending the right messages, she convinces first herself, then others, that she is, indeed, a prime individual, one wrought from the finest human fiber. (god shoot me if I’m really that way) Consequently, she continuously improves the unfolding fabric of her life. Libra chooses to be choice, thereby priming herself for the best that life has to offer.

A list of famous Libra women-including the likes of Greer Garson, Helen Hayes, Gwyneth Paltrow, Emily Post, Julie Andrews, Angela Lansbury, Eleanor Roosevelt, Susan Sarandon, Olivia Newton-John, Deborah Kerr, Catherine Deneuve, Barbara Walters, and Linda McCartney (The only one I’m honestly excited about lol)-reveals that women born under the sign of the Scales are often, to some degree, beyond reproach: peerless, if not spotless, goody-goodies. (At the very least, one cannot help but think of them that way.) In actuality, Libra women unequivocally abhor these labels-although she’d have to admit having a heavy hand in creating such an image. Whether she takes a high-minded political stance, puts on lofty airs, or otherwise plays the part of society’s high priestess, Libra lives her life on a soapbox, pedestal, or pulpit of her own design. While she perceives all other women as wallowing, in one way or another, in this mire of their womanhood, she simply breezes in and takes what she assumes to be her rightful place in the world: as man’s equal. (God I’m such a bitch lmao)

Though Libra has no designs on dominating a mate, never wanting more or less than a fifty-fifty union, she can’t help but come across as seemingly “above” most men. She is committed to living an ideal existence, a relative state of perfection that she perceives as an absolute-a dynamic symptomatic of her sign, distinguished, as it is, by the projection of Venus’ subjective energy objectively out onto the world. After all, Libra is the sign of art, an ideal state itself, which, though forever bound to the realm of subjectivity (opinion), is arguably meant to achieve the absolute (truth). To Libra, it is essential that her life imitate art, and/or vice versa, ad infinitum. Undoubtedly, Libras of both sexes are true artistes, but whereas the male of the sign is his own most vivid masterpiece, the female Scales makes glorious compositions of her experience. The rest of us are merely part and parcel of crafting her perfect world-it’s her world, after all, and she’ll let you know whether or not you’re welcome to it. She is, in a word, superior. And to Libra’s mind, that’s not a bad thing, so long as she remains optimistic about finding a mate of equally premium quality. For her, men generally fall into two, or hopefully three, categories: those who are attracted to her exhalted stature, albeit all to often for their own selfish gain; those who might get a thrill from toppling Libra from her pedestal, convinced that “playing on the ground” is what she really needs; and the odd fellow who, being similarly self-esteemed, makes in her perfect match.

Rewinding back to Libra’s childhood, we see the seeds of her self-righteousness already taking root. In general, a girl born under the sign of the Scales has either an idyllic childhood characterized by the presence of lovingly detached parents, both of whom dote their every whim, or, and this is far more typical, she is the product of divorce. In the first scenario, Libra bears witness to a model marriage, one that allows her parents separate but equal power in the relationship as well as influence over their child’s upbringing- Libra girl is almost always the offspring of two strong-willed individualists. Her parents are generally extroverted, liberal, career-minded types who treat the Libra child as their equal. (My mom treats me as an equal) In such case, Libra is indulged, considered the perfect child, not having to put on a show like the Libra male to win such an honorable label, and continually given the impression that she can do no wrong. Instilled with so much confidence, the lucky little Libra born under Venus, called the lesser benetific, thus expects her charmed life to continue indefinitely. In the second scenario, in which Libra’s parents are contentious, the domestic dynamic is markedly different. However, her resulting determination for perfection still surfaces-and one might say, with a vengeance. Here, her paradigm of coupling is based upon cutting one’s loses-marriage and divorce are both attributes of Libra’s 7th Astrological House. Unlike the Libra male whose infamously incompatible parents typically stay together despite their differences, creating in him the tendency to rationalize, if not compartmentalize, experience, the second-scenario Scales girl is, ironically, sent the same message as the formerly mentioned perfect Libra princess: that she needn’t “make do” or settle for the status quo. Situations and people, even loved ones are dispensable, she gleans, if they don’t serve her ideal purposes. It is no great surprise then that, from the get-go, one feels scrutinized by the Libra woman-as if she is scanning your psyche with a brilliant searchlight, weighing your strengths and weaknesses, judging whether or not you’re worth knowing or nurturing as a friend.

Body & Soul

It can take anywhere from an evening’s conversation to a month’s worth of vague interaction before Libra let’s a person “in,” while always reserving her right to opt out. Still, despite her signature and very conscious attempt to appear removed, there is something luminously attractive about her. As her sign’s scales glyph suggests-the symbol alternately reads as the setting Sun or (twinkle, twinkle) the first evening star, Venus-Libra woman has a stellar quality that draws more men to hit on her, faster, than any other female on the astrological block. But clearly, her astral projections proceed her: Rarely is she ever approached in a brusque or brutish manner, as even a total stranger will feel inspired to clear his throat, slick his hair, and be on his best behavior before uttering, or stuttering, his first introductory word. From the start, a man can’t tell whether he’s coming or going with her-Libra’s mien is as much warm and welcoming as it is standoffish. Like that sign-symbol suggests she seems to hover on some distant horizon: not the blazing-noon August Sun of the Leo woman with her blatant intentions, but rather the still, soft light of dusk October, a balanced, chilly heat. To be sure, it’s a mixed message she’s sending; being enigmatic, she finds, buys the discerning Libra time to decide whether to assign a person some placement in her life or reject him or her altogether. The decision is always hers-which may explain why one feels an unconscious need to impress her with a sense of worthiness. Indeed, it is remarkable how the most esteemed individuals find themselves bowing and scraping in the presence of the zodiac’s seemingly impartial judge. Meanwhile, it’s the reserve of her judgment that sends the rest of us jumping through hoops.

Like her planet, Venus, which only appears to be a start-reflecting the Sun’s radiance back to we mortals here on Earth-Libra doesn’t necessarily manufacture the beneficence she seems to be beaming. Even when in the foulest humor, she cannot help but exude a sense of goodness and light. This is a blessing for Libra, and also a curse: Just as Libran actresses often have to fight against being typecast in upright, if not uptight, roles, the typical Libra woman sends forth an exemplary aura, one that attracts others to her, men in particular, as naughty children to Mary Poppins. And though she is constantly fielding men’s advances, they are rarely of a strictly sexual nature. Rather, Libra registers as the ideal girl whom one must pop the question, though not necessarily to the exclusion of popping anything else-she isn’t entirely immaculate or innocent-seeming. Unlike Virgo, who precedes her on the zodiacal wheel, Libra isn’t so weighty and loaded a female character as to represent a vortex of moral responsibility to men. Instead, she can give off quite the opposite vibration: Many a man presumes life with the cardinal-air lady Libra would be an absolute breeze-that he’s found an ethereal female who is unfettered by burdens of this world, one with whom he imagines his own spirits and loftiest aspirations will soar. Such is the auspicious air that Libra portrays. Naturally elegant and composed, she fits the bill of even the most sexist view of femininity despite being a feminist of the first order. She is too poised and classy, in fact, to come right out and tell one of the myriad men who fall in love with her daily to get lost. Libra always rises above, dismissing even the most cringing or difficult situations with a kind word, smile, or apology of her own.

Given the way she lights up a room, it’s little wonder a man might expect Libra to illuminate his life. (lmao right like I could possibly do that) Over time, the Libra becomes very conscious of turning on, and (not always) being able to turn off, her shining allure. Strangely enough, feature for feature, Libra women aren’t the most classically beautiful females on the astrological block; often they look rather elfin, if not blatantly boyish, far more jolie-laide than a first impression might portray. But such a description comes as no insult to Libra, who is actually grateful for any slight absurdity in her appearance, hoping it might eclipse the perfection others are forever projecting onto her. The ability to undermine her beauty becomes important to the lady Scales, who develops a knock for passing people unnoticed. But going out with bed-head, draped only in the drab gray sweatshirt and distressed jeans, isn’t enough-she has to consciously decide not to appear attractive (lol woot got that down), performing a bit of a spell by keeping her beaming energy under wraps. By the same token, no matter how off beat-looking Libra woman is, all she need do is decide to appear beautiful, and everyone within view will find it difficult to keep their eyes off her. She possessed glamour n the most abstract sense of the word; not merely the physical charms that her Taurean sister often so desperately cultivates, but an automatic mental capacity for switching on, or off, so charismatic, indeed enchanting, an air that it often overrides the actual appearance. As glamour is etymologically akin to grammar, we herein again see the Libra’s word-wand connection. It seems she is aware of the power she hold over us: A sure way to spot a Libra is by her smirky look of suppressed laughter (lol that I do), as if all existence were on great cosmic joke that she alone has been let in on. Think about it Kate Winslet, Suzanne Somers, Heather Locklear, Gwen Stefani, Olivia Newton-John, the aptly named Jenna Elfman, Gwyneth, too, all seem similarly ticked when appearing in public (I’m sorry but Gwyneth looks like a bitch). Really zeroing in on the Libra, one begins to notice the little twists and imperfections in her face, a crowded mouth, lank hair, big pointy ears, blotchy skin, a turtle like thrusting throat (lol wtf)- features without which she might just look too ethereal or other worldly. Lest we forget she is born into a masculine sign, this fact rings true in Libra’s trademark square, broad shoulders, her rough, veiny hands, slim hips, or other more overtly hormonal attributes such as a bit of an Adam’s apple, a faint “treasure trail” leading down from the navel, (totally have that if I didn’t shave lmao) croaky voice that often cracks like an adolescent boy’s. Still, such traits only ever make her appear companionable-lending a masculine edge to her delicate femininity that augments a pals-y accessibility and prevents her high-priestess persona from becoming prohibitively off-putting. In fact, for all her powerfully enchanting qualities, nothing seems to prevent Libra from being considered a lucky charm, ever so dazzling while dangling from a man’s arm.

In a way, Libra’s physical appearance belies her need to be respected for her intellectual capabilities. First of all, she is often blond, though the dirty version. Even when of the dark-skinned ethnic extraction, in comparison to other females in her family she will be the fairest of them all-if only such a label were more readily applied to her judicious mind, the Libra mightn’t work so hard at concealing that signature grin. Her skin appears poreless, though sometimes dry and flaky, her cheeks flushing apple-red with every registered emotion. Her eyes, regardless of racial heritage, are pale: a gray-blue instead of bright, hazel-green or gold flecked brown. Libra’s face is serene but for that eternal grimace; her eyes, too, seem to be laughing. She boards strong cheek bones in a rounded, rather meaty doll-face that rarely looks taut or gaunt. Her mouth is perfectly drawn bow-shaped, just ample enough to escape a thin lipped look. Though often slightly taller than average, she’s rarely towering-there are, as a result, few Libra supermodels-and despite her goodly height, she tends to be if only a tad waifish. A slip of a woman, she generally fits into “so-called “perfect” sizes. Libra breezes in and out of shops, seemingly able to wear pretty much anything. Most Libras are notorious thrift-shoppers, drawn to vintage styles that project classic workforce attitude-the 7th house is that of grandparents, and Libra especially emulates her grandmother(s), and all of the more so if that esteemed elder was a career woman. Tweeds, tailored suits, and other such throwbacks define her trademark style. The Libra lady endeavoring in any sport is like poetry in motion; even if she undertakes a grueling physical challenge, she can’t help but make it look easy to perform, as she does every other takes in her life-with exceptional grace.

Sex & Sexuality

Whereas other women might give their eyeteeth to be prized by the male population, the Scales woman feels a need to fight against such adulation. Unlike her so-called opposite sign of Aries-a woman who typically eschews overt feminine trappings so she might be treated the same as a man-Libra enjoys femmey Venusian-ruled accoutrements, but she sees no reason why that should stereotype her into some second-sex position in society. She embraces her gender-based differences, but doesn’t feel they should preclude her from being considered absolutely equal. It burns her that, because she is prettier or more delicately wrought than a man, she is hard-pressed to find recognition for her mind and, in particular, her all-important principles.

Being born under the only inanimate sign of the zodiac is a phenomenon that cannot be overstated if one is to understand Libra woman’s personality-or if she is to fully come to grips with herself. For men of the sign, being the inanimate Scales gives rise to the need to be a strong concept of self-he feels innately unreal or unnatural, his “issues” surrounding superficiality, artificiality, and plasticity in his notoriously indecisive character. From the Libra female, however, for whom certitude is rarely, if ever, a problem, the inanimate quality of her sign doesn’t point to any sense of unreality in her notion of self, but rather an unerring desire to emblazon the world with her high-concept principles. You might say that Libra man is an idea while Libra woman stands for ideals. She is emblematic, a living symbol for what is good and right, a power child for absolute moral guidelines-laws-that must be established to ensure social order and equality. She is the most noble-minded of all females in the zodiac, and yet her pleasing, comely appearance often belies the seriousness of her activism. Like her Libra brother, she can be viewed superficially, although for her it is in a most flattering (albeit, to her mind, fatuous) light.

One negative consequence of Libra’s ethereal countenance may be that she is misunderstood as pretty but perfunctory-a knee-jerk reaction that suggests she lacks the passion, if not the courage, of her convictions. Especially in a society rules by the good old boys, Libra struggles against being considered nothing more than ideological window dresser. Like Catherine Deneuve or Bridge Bardot, for instance, both of the women lent their likenesses to be cast in a burst of Marianne, the female embodiment of the French republic and it’s idealist credo- Liberte! Egalite! Fraternite!- Libra woman often becomes the face of beautiful principles, eclipsing whatever personal axes she might have to grind. Gwyneth Paltrow, the American neo-Deneuve, is a symbolic persona whose very presence in the public consciousness has meant the return of intelligent entertainment in Hollywood cinema-she classes up the industry; but that is a role that has been assigned to her rather than one she may herself have taken on. Global notoriety aside, all Libra women fight this sort of glorious objectification in their personal life. Upon meeting the Libra, most men will project an exalted symbolic meaning onto her. Unlike other women who may have to combat sexual objectification, Libra struggles against being cast in stone as a sort of domestic Marianne, plopped onto a pedestal not of her own design. To most guys, she seems the perfect trophy, and to very few will she very appear to be anything else. Her physicality, she feels, betrays her: Looking too much the “little woman” and, even more infuriating, “the good wife,” she invites advances by an endless stream of men who see her as a prime candidate for 7th house marriage and a conceived fairy-tale existence. But faster than you can say “two-car garage,” Libra learns to stop such a man in his tracks. Like Jean Brodie thwarting what she deems the “petrification” of the status quo, Libra woman rears her Medusan head, turning a man’s symbolic design on her to stone. Still, such love lessons don’t necessarily come easy, and Libra’s love life may be one of trail and error.

Libra can sometimes become preoccupied with having the upper hand with men, going overboard in taking a stand against being trifled with as a trinket. For this daughter of the astral Venus, a cardinal-air sign with its emphasis on the power of principles, uppercase Love is not just another four letter word to be bandied about. There should be inherent rules of conduct that this woman, the zodiac’s judge, expects to be followed to a tee. Only around a Libra diva like Eleanor of Aquitaine could there have sprung up the medieval tradition of “courtly love,” a movement that, as the expression suggests, embraced nobility and certain order in the manner by which the paragon of all passions should be made manifest-ironically, somewhat dispassionately. Eleanor, historians have noted, was highly conscious of the ideas she sought to foster. All Libra women share her exacting romantic vision to some degree, courtly love being predicted, as it was, on the notion that the fairer sex held the power to bequeath or withhold loving or indeed sexual favor. By adhering to a chivalric code (gleaned from legends like Arthur and his knights (woot), so popular at this period) men might woo their ladies fair. This is an apollonian view of love, to be sure, one that sees human passions being elevated above the lusts of the body and civilized into set modes of behavior. No wonder the movement saw such a flourish in Libra-ruled art-poetry, prose, and music written and performed by the errant troubadours and trouveres (many of whom, we now know, were women), along with painting and scads of expert embroidery and tapestry work that would have rivaled that of any fate-goddess weaver. “Courting” thus became a twelfth-century craze, fictional chivalry made factual human behaviors, remnant of which have survived and are strongly ingrained in modern Western culture. In ushering in a custom that placed the power to bestow love in the hands of women, a rich court indeed grew around Eleanor at Poitiers, attracting noblemen from far and wide who were attracted to this dynamic of having to deserve women as opposed to purchasing them, in some form or another, or simply dragging them off to some dark-ages version of caveman style. To win a noble lady, in courtly love tradition, was a reflection of a man’s own worth and principled countenance.

Indeed, as a young woman, Libra attracts more than her share of social climbers and would-be mover-shakers bent on raising their own stock via an association with her-ambitious fellows banking on Libra to be their Lady Luck. Needless to say, Libra learns to be a cautious dater, reviewing the men she meets like a lawyer deciding whether or not to take a client’s case. Sometimes, against her better judgment, she falls for that traditional-minded man, willing to play the part of perfect hostess provided she feels the relationship will allow her the freedom to pursue her own passions-and not all of them the high-minded sort. In truth, Libra is an aggressively sexual being-don’t let that cool Venusian remove fool you-a woman who hungers for sex as much as, if not more than, she does for truth, beauty, and goodness. Since this innate lustiness may, in rare instances escape even her own notice, it’s unsurprising that a man’s pursuit of her hand in marriage mightn’t be predicated on physical attraction but rather on a need for moral edification. This dynamic may be in no small way the fault of the Libra herself, who, in her zeal for elevated experience, overlooks the significance of her sexuality, suppressing her animal nature in favor of loftier concerns.

The famed character in Philip Barry’s The Philadelphia Story, Tracy Samantha Lord springs to mind (her middle name, from the Hebrew Samuel, the preeminent ruling judge in the Old Testament, means “Listener,” while her surname signifies her sense of divinity). A veritable goddess draped in white column dresses, she is harshly judgmental, indeed unforgiving of human frailty; she thus attracts a fiancé who love not necessarily her, but the nobility she represents-in this case, nobility meaning both her principles and her aristocratic lifestyle. Eventually, she experiences a fall from this state of grace, via some comical run-ins with alcohol and lust, and in forgiving her own imperfection learns to forgive the shortcomings of others, particularly her once drinky ex whom she cast out for being flawed. Likewise, Libra’s biggest stumbling block to romantic bliss is often not so much the symbolic perfection that men heap upon her but her own willingness to buy into it-a vanity based not upon physical beauty but supposed moral perfection.

Often, Libra finds herself locked into a committed relationship before she realizes the passions she’s pressure-cooking. When these are of a strictly sexual nature, she might feel like Deneuve in Belle de Jour (a day-time equivalent of a lady of the night), playing the part of a dutifully pristine wife or girlfriend while, at least metaphorically speaking, her captive libido finally gets loose and sends her on a sexual spree of near-prostitutional proportions. Even more debilitating to her than carnal starvation, however, is the deprivation of intellectual power, though, typically, both aspects go hand in hand. Especially if Libra has tied the knot with some status-seeking suit under the guise of being the perfect bride, she will eventually have to break the news that he’s gotten way more than he bargained for. Like Samantha Stephens of Bewitched, the American sitcom version of Deneuve’s dirty-secretive Belle, she will need to let her mere mortal lover know that she possesses extraordinary powers. As for the zodiac’s beautiful sorceress, nothing can be substitute for the freedom to exercise her mind-the seat of her particular brand of creativity-which is linked with the more southerly located source of her sexual desire. Mental stimulation is the aphrodisiac of the Libran astral Venus. And any relationship that required the suppression of her intellect will also anesthetize her erotic urges. In the world of creative ideas, the cardinal-air Libra, with her pointed intellect, rules; even Darrin Stephens soon catches on that Samantha is more brilliant than he is at coming up with snappy commercial slogans; and indeed, when she is “allowed” to work her magic on the astral intellectual plane, as witch or behind-the-scenes advertising whiz, she’s a much happier camper on the home front, if not specifically between the sheets. Likewise, the telegenic Libra, who, incidentally, tends to speak in clever sound bites, is seen by many men to be the proverbial woman behind the man, empowering him to go forth and conquer in the professional world (if not secretly doing his homework beforehand).

As the primary archetype living and breathing in every Libra woman, Medea (media?), that sorceress-princess extraordinaire, was sought out by the famously questing Jason to help him achieve his heroic aims. This is exactly what Libra represents to men; and even if she has thus far managed to sidestep all the slick opportunist seeking some pretty paragon of virtue to parade through life for their own self-aggrandizement, Libra woman is still astrologically designed to take up a loved one’s case to champion his causes in such a way as will benefit them mutually. First, like Medea, Libra is the original creative director, PR or talent agent, uniquely qualified to cast her partner, like a seed, into the ether of public awareness-she is the zodiac’s premier broadcaster and she will do everything possible to speed the plow of her main man’s pursuits. For her, intellectual and artistic interests go hand in hand with romantic investment. Second, she usually performs the exact same professional function as her lover, and helping him achieve is part and parcel of her own job or position-unsurprisingly, she is usually involved in media to some extent.

Prizing artistic truth above all other virtues, Libra is drawn to those Jasonian “indies” who have already demonstrated autonomy by striking out on their own. Such a man appeals to her own love of Liberte-women solely seeking securite have, according to Libra, fallen victim to the status quo. Even when going for the guy in a suit, Libra will harbor the hope that her man is operating from a “place” of creative integrity-after all, it’s the artist, not the adman, in Darrin that Samantha cherishes. She has no deliberate designs on working together with her lover, since such an arrangement smacks of codependency; instead, she seeks interdependence, such that her efforts might contribute to his goals while also fueling her own. It’s a man’s self sufficiency that attracts her in the first place-as a child she learned that togetherness is only airtight when founded on that “perfect” balance of autonomy and cooperation. So long as it is her decision to be a helpmate, she will do her equal part, and all is right with the world. Unless, of course, she finds herself being used. Then watch out, as a reminder, the Medea myth doesn’t end well: Discovering that Jason has another princess on the side, Medea destroys all they created together (their children) in a gruesome but accurate symbolic representation of Libra’s total retaliatory wrath. For one so loyal, boorish treatment comes as a particular shock. And as recompense for compounding injury with insult, she will seek vengeance in multifold fashion. In this way, she truly personifies the principle of instant karmic payback.

Even when all remains rosy in her relationship, Libra will only surrender to commitment in small increments, over time. Especially when she comes from a broken home, her signature detachment is designed to ward off the hurt she felt and witnessed as a child. Actually, it’s this very distance that, on the negative side, causes her to be objectified by men; on a positive note, it helps her function objectively in those notorious love-work relationships. Not investing too deeply, too quickly, also enabled her to remain friends with her exes (totally true), a slew of whom often make up her close circle of cronies-such a casual attitude would be impossible for most of us to muster. But with her continual crushes Libra can’t afford to fall in love easily. A real lookist, the Scales lady is the male-modelizer of the zodiac, her Venus-ruled masculine sign being most concerned with manly beauty. And the prettier the boy the better: She is drawn to often younger, smoother, and arguable androgynous guys, never one to be turned on by the rugged, hairy he-men of the pack. (Wtf no way complete opposite there) Sadie Hawkins that she is, Libra doesn’t hesitate to make the first move on a man, sex being a rather casual affair. Even when directly hit upon by this stellar female, men will consider her aggression a flattering anomaly, convinced she is the demure princess she appears-that is until such time as she’s chewing the buttons of his jeans. Only then will it dawn on a guy that this good-looking girl, one he’d willingly bring home to mother, is able to do some bringing it on home all on her own.

In bed with Libra woman, there are no set gender roles or pat responsibilities to perform. Her all-important insistence on equality comes startlingly into play when she and some young Apollo are stripped naked, one gorgeous androgen to another with only their sexual apparatus to define them. Just as we affectionately call Scorpio man the male lesbian of the zodiac, the argument can be made that Libra woman is the female gay-man, the uber-male-mindedness of her sign freeing her from viewing sex as a loaded emotional experience. She allows herself to approach sex from a surfacey standpoint of two buddies just needing to have it off. As it is, Libra relates far more readily to the directive quality of the male mind than she does to the traditionally subjective feminine view; and so, with her mate, she’s just as naturally aggressive as he is. Assuming responsibility for her own pleasure, she take the pressure off a guy as well-still she won’t objectify a mate to the point of using him as a dildo the way an ultra-aggressive Aries might. There is instead a pervasive sense of mutual masturbation when in the sack with a self-sufficient Scales woman.

Libra is somewhat of an efficiency expert in the bedroom, far more proficient at getting the job done than she is passionately abandoned in the process. If orgasm is her aim, she’ll have no bones about achieving one quickly, then opting to go on with her day. She isn’t generally a sexual marathoner, not one of the girls who revels in being “bored” for hours, pun intended. In keeping with being born into the sign of “light”, she prefers prolonged bouts of foreplay, with intercourse brought into the mix at the right time, to all out fuck fests-this is another manifestation of her general disdain for purposefully macho men who, she’d be loathe to discover, feel they’ve something to prove. Sixty-nine is by far her favorite sex act: She seems to derive as much pleasure from blowing a guy as she herself gets from being munched (lol munched lmao)-while it’s the combination of simultaneous acts being performed, the inherent ying-yang, that truly drives her forward. The very thought of it alone is enough to get her juices stirring. Type-A Libra is always conscious of what she’s doing in bed, and the mental picture of herself and a lover is highly erotic to her. Fittingly, she relishes watching herself with a man, whether in a well-placed mirror or via playback of a homemade video. She may pour it on if the cameras are rolling, if only to ensure not being disappointed when she later views her private porn.

Libra is confident in her sexual performance, aware that she possesses expert talents. Oral sex is her special province, and being on the giving end is, well, a heady power-trip for her. She thrills at having her man, literally, by the balls. In fact, it is a particularly Libra-female fantasy to render a pretty boy helpless, toying with his orgasm, bringing him to the brink, only to bed off and leave him whining for a finish. At this type of teasing foreplay, and screwing too, she is intuitive, economic in her movements, imaginatively mixing speeds, pressures, and positions. She’ll keep her eyes open-the lights are on-fueling excitement through the looks and sounds she elicits from her lover. The best part: All this comes naturally to Libra woman; there’s rarely anything planned or tricky in her erotic repertoire. She loathes dirty chatter, as well as feigned moans and groans-she is a silent sexual persona, (hrm another opposite like sounds here). Still, afterward, lazing about in bed, she’s not above critiquing or praising the highlights if their performance. For Libra loves to linger in the flowing aftermath, and despite her pristine appearance, she’s not put off by a messy sexual atmosphere. Men are not as “foreign” to her as they are to many women, and so she feels as little revulsion for the male sex as she does reverence. Admittedly, the guys she chooses are often as smoother and pretty as she is, making her ability to feel such empathy not so much of a stretch. In a committed relationship, she may commandeer her mate’s grooming regime, picking, plucking, and polishing him up, making him appear even more her very own PYT. For Libra, familiarity apparently breeds the need to engage in grooming rituals as, consciously or not, she is determined that she and her lovely lad will turn as many heads as any handsome couple could.

Libra is a fairly vanilla character, not the type to be attracted by kinky scenes of any kind. Though, like her Libra brother, she possesses a potent bisexual streak, ménage a trois holds little interest. If she were to opt for a threesome, she’d ironically prefer adding a guy into the mix, instead of a girl-and only out of curiosity in seeing her mate explore any hidden gay fantasies he might harbor. As with Gemini and Pisces women-the zodiac’s preeminent fag hags-gay men hold a fascination for Libra; but unlike those other signs, she doesn’t look to them for love. Rather she feels herself to be one of them. Libra is gender-bending personified: With a man, she’s decidedly ungirly, far more like on of his guy friends who just happens to look like a woman-again a fairly butch gay man trapped in a demure debutante’s body.




She’s searching for an unfussy affair; he appears the perfect unbeholden partner. From the start, it’s a power struggle-both are opinionated, if not combative. In Bed, they make the pace-sex is quiet, but kinky.


She storms into his life, introducing new sensual experiences. They luxuriate in all manner of excess. This bond may never push on past superficial-they’re in different “places”-but the erotic connection is serious.


There’s a natural flow-an easy rhythm into which they fall, often forever. If one attempts to take the upper hand, their groove turns into a grind. Creative freedom is crucial. Sexual drama is alien to such cool characters-it’s all about ease.


He’s that rare “regular” guy; she seems, at first, too perfunctory a personage. Relating requires tolerance. At best, they’re harmonious and hilarious. Sex eases tensions: Cancer’s passive so Libra has the power.


They connect as intellectual equals, each inspiring the other to think more progressively. A fast-paced, industrious duo. In the bedroom, they’re bonded: Sex is fun-loving, relaxed-no head trips, no taboos.


Generally a sweet, good-natured couple. They often find each other when free of burdens. With Libra, life is productive. What they may lack in heat, this pair more than makes up for in tenderness.


They’re more aligned than most same sign couples-a shared aesthetic is the center piece of their cliquey companionship. Scales of both sexes push the envelope of experience. Sexually, they’re edgy, experimental.


They disarm each other, an unusual experience since neither is accustomed to surrender. Over time, these zodiacal “neighbors” notice how much they have in common. Sex with laid-back Libra means Scorpios “layers” peel away.


She’s in unknown territory; he’s relaxed in the company of such a cool character. In bed, Libra loosens up, accessing her naughtiest needs. Sag is spellbound: He’s scored a sophisticated woman willing to satisfy his every wish.


Forming a culture club of two, these characters draw up their own design for living passionately participating in the worlds of fashion, art, or media. Their sex life, though secondary, is equally progressive.


Unusual and spontaneous, marked by constant change and intense affection, this pairing is rare. They’re private, possessive. Love making is elaborate, energetic, and all consuming; even as a fling, sex is unforgettable.


Pisces is the maestro orchestrating Libra’s life, perhaps with a heavy hand. She can’t resist his inspiration. She’s his muse. Best case scenario: Their collaborations become classics. Sex is an ecstatic exploration of the senses.

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