dillian (kuassary) wrote in librans,

Taurus girls

Hi, I've been here for a while. first off, english is not my first language so pardon if I sound confusing sometimes.... I'm female, bday is sept. 26, 20 years old and .. well I'm not straight. (I'm bi.)
well, about my problem.. I've been attracted to a Taurus girl, her birthday is May 14 and she's older than me by 6 years (she's also bi.. as she told me). I like her because she's very solid, unwavering, inquisitive, realistic and intelligent.. she told me that she likes me because I'm interesting, funny, sociable and artistic. We both love the arts and things that stir our minds... and that's the reason we've been seeing each other for almost 2 months now but neither of us is making a move. I think she's waiting for me to say the words but whenever she corners me with questions like, "What do you want to do that you haven't done before?" , "What do you feel?", "Are you comfortable with me?"
my mind shuts off and couldn't give a decent answer... (I know it's weird.)She likes long one on one talks. and sometimes I find it uneasy when things get too personal.
It's like she needs to confirm everything.. analyze everything.(she always wanted to be sure.)
Sometimes I felt that she doesn't believe the things I told her before.. or she's not taking it to heart. (and forgets most of it.)
I like her very much... and I might as well say I love her.. because she's the only person that made me feel this way.
But the problem is me, I just can't tell her the words she wanted to hear.. it's like I'm always going the opposite direction when she only wanted a straight answer.
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