bitchopotamus (bitchopotamus) wrote in librans,

Libras and Aquarians.

I was thinking about mental stimulation and how hard it can be for me to discuss something without having spent a good time researching and forming my own opinions about the topic, which makes it hard to discuss/debate something that has just been presented to me for the first time. A good example is politics. I used to hate politics but then I got caught up in the 2004 election so I decided to find truth (truth and politics HA!) so I read all I could read and evaluated my own ideals and then only did I begin debate. The problem however lies in being with an aquarius, who I love more than anything or anyone else in the world, including myself. He is a philosophy major therefore he can present the purest forms of thought I've ever heard, however, he can push it out in seconds flat and I have to think about it for quite some time. It can be horrid trying to keep up, because I'm all about detail. It pains me even more to know that his ex could discuss things on a whim, but that's all he could do, he didn't know how to grasp the full extent of things. He was a gemini, therefore he's knowledgeable of the situation but not the thought or philosophy behind it.

It feels as if I dissappoint him, or myself, whichever, when I can't just discuss certain subjects so easily when his ex could. I often wonder if I spend time losing ground in the world of knowledge if I neglect to take in a vast array of ideas while I study one idea so intensely for an indefinite amount of time.

Does anyone else have this problem? It drives me mental. Hell, it makes me so mental that I end up spending time dissecting the reasons why I focus on detail instead of only the topical value of an idea.
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