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Perhaps my mood swings are more than a Libra-thing. I've recently lost/been suspended from my job for selling cigarettes to "what is considered" a minor without checking for I.D. A minor to my job is anyone who LOOKS under the age of 40. So a person who is 45 but looks 35 will still be I.D.ed even though the law for buying cigarettes is 18. Make sense? Well anyway, I'd be more heart broken if I had a family to support and had been working there for years but I'm not. I'm annoyed about the whole thing and the annoyance didn't really sink in until later on tonight. That's one thing I'm annoyed with.

Another thing is someone who is supposed to be my best friend. It's the last straw with him. He thinks that he's too good to work at just any place of employment and only has 2 references that he's able to write down because he quit the other 2 jobs without a 2 week notice. Now he's saying that the job that I have (or had) is beneath him. As if he's better than that. Than me. Than anyone who works there. I'm just done with dealing with him. I can't take it anymore. Damn Virgos!

I have another friend who married too young and is now on her way to having a baby because she believes that it will "fix" her marriage. Any advice that I give her is ignored and I now have to sit and watch as she digs herself deeper into this hole of unhappiness.

All of this just makes me mad and sad and depressed and I wonder is anyone else having these feelings lately?
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