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Confused about a Libra.

Okay well this Libra guy I met online started talking to me and we talked on the phone and online and we seemed to be getting along rather nicely. He then kept asking me out and I didn't like him like that at first but we finely hung out and he said I was much prettier in person and he was very nice to me and he was also funny. It was obvious that he was into me, it even made my friend sick to watch us. I then had to leave and the next day I talked to his friend about hooking him up with my friend and the Libran told me that he liked me, not my friend. So he asked me out again and we hung out for a second time. We went to a club and he asked me to dance and it was great, he also gave me a few kisses on the cheek throughout the night. When we were on the way back to his place he said it was the best time he's had at a club in a long time. He then called me later that night and left me a message saying he had a good time and he just wanted to stay friends for now and see what happens, and I was thinking that I didn't really want to get into a relationship in the first place but I did like him. So the next day I try to return his call, and he doesn't answer so I call back later that day and still no answer, then I give up on calling him and just wait. A few days go by and still nothing so I leave him an e-mail, and if someone reads the e-mail you send it tells you, so I know that he read it, but he didn't bother to reply to it. It's been about five days now and still nothing.

Does this mean all the flirting and telling me I'm pretty and giving me little kisses and being uber sweet to me meant nothing? Does he not like me or is he just scared? And should I try one last time to talk to him or not? I will just move on if he doesn't like me but if it's a possibility that he may be scared I don't want to just bail on him like that. Any answers would be greatly appreciated. =]

New info: I just heared recently from one of his good friends that he hasn't talked to anyone for awhile and hadn't even gone to church, he hasn't talked to about 7 people (that we know of) besides me according to his friend. I'm thinking something must have happend to him but I don't see why he'd not respond to my e-mail if he read it. I just hope he's okay.
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